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Now I get lots of opportunities to take part in corporate events nationally in all kinds of venues, you might even spot me in your local shopping mall talking to women about their best colours to wear or how to dress their body shape!



Throughout the year I get invited to work with women of all ages, and travel around the country doing demonstrations, including a talk, to groups of women who are struggling with certain issues and want to hear about how I got started in this business, how I dealt with my life experiences, and about my journey of faith.


Helping women who want to look in the mirror and see an attractive person looking back is such an honour for me, and if that's you, I've perfected my skills with you in mind... so just get in touch, come along and let's make it happen!


to beautify you, and teach you to apply makeup that brings out your hidden beauty... and we all have some of that, believe me.



to help you to discover which colours light you up and which ones to avoid, so you wear clothes and makeup that brings out the best in you.



to help you develop your own sense of style for everyday life, to learn about clothes and how to build a wardrobe of outfits which highlight your best features and increases your confidence whether you're at home, at work or out socialising.



Trained to use the combined skills of all the above to be your Personal Stylist, to help you look and feel your best whatever you're doing!


In the beginning...

This is me in my modelling days.

I must admit, I am not a natural blond, as you can see! I am a natural brunette, and as you can see from the clothes and my fresh face it was a little while ago!

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What is a Style Coach?

These days I totally enjoy helping women look beautiful, and get a deep sense of satisfaction when they look in the mirror and appreciate the effects of my work. So I've done the best I can to increase and hone my skills, and I've developed all these abilities so I can help all you lovely ladies to look even more gorgeous as often as you like!


Years ago when I was living in Los Angeles, California I learned that there is another kind of beauty, too, which radiates from within. I discovered you can have a lovely face but if you are not lovely inside people will soon spot that. It made a big impression on me, and when I came home to England to settle down with my family I was glad the experience stayed with me.



I believe in looking good AND feeling good, that's one reason why I work with Katherine House on their LGFB makeover events (Look Good Feel Better). These uplifting workshops are designed specially for cancer survivors to support them to look great whilst battling through.

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Occasionally I got a break into something really exciting, like the time I was selected for a 3 month fashion contract in Japan, that was a truly fabulous experience. I got to do loads of photographic modelling, lots of fashion mags (editorial) and a high-profile coffee commercial. When I saw myself on TV drinking coffee looking pretty I was with a couple of my flatmates, also models, and i felt so proud!

I can truly say I did a little jet-setting in those days, but I spent most of my time in designer showrooms in the West End of London modelling the line for buyers, or in the studio being photographed for catalogues.

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