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Colour Analysis


The first thing you will discover is your colour palette - those colours which bring out the best in you, and, of course, the colours you should avoid like the plague.


Buying clothes and accessories, makeup and jewellery in your best colours and shades becomes easy, and you've always got things to wear because everything coordinates. It's called building a 'capsule wardrobe'.


You'll discover your best hair shades - PLUS, I'll give you a mini-makeup lesson so you can see which makeup shades you need to wear! I'll show you how it all works in the mirror.


It's clever, but not rocket science.

Just clear, basic principles that

will soon be second-nature

to you.

Which colours light you up, brighten your eyes and clarify your skin?

Confidence always looks good on you... let's find them!

Your own style tool...

As part of the consultation you'll receive a personalised colour swatch, which is great for taking the uncertainty out of shopping - you'll never worry about whether a colour suits you again!

With your swatch you'll save time as you scan the shops for your best colours and hone in on outfits and accessories that you know will look fabulous on you.

Save time shopping

Statistics tell us that first impressions are made within seconds of meeting someone.


Undoing those decisions is no easy task. So if you have a job interview, an important meeting or event where you need to look spot on, let's make sure you get it right.

Dress to impress

SkinColour Test...

find colours that suit you

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You don't have to look drained in black - once you know how to put certain colours together and create your own special look, you'll be well on your way to making that very favourable first impression.

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Add a Personal Style to your Colour Analysis and learn how to shop for styles that look gorgeous on you. Click below for more details...