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Are your eyebrows framing your eyes effectively and complimenting your face shape?


Your eyebrows are a key part of your face - we will make the most of them whether yours are thin, thick or non-existant!


Perhaps you need a re-shape or just a tweak here and there, and a little wave of my magic eyebrow kit to show them off. Then again, sometimes it takes several visits to get them just right, and believe me it is worth it - good eyebrows can make all the difference to your look.


Skillfully removing unwanted hair can reveal a hidden asset... usually a pair of beautiful eyebrows are just waiting to be revealed! The finished result can be quite astonishing.

Brows overlooked?

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Well shaped eyebrows can make a BIG difference...

Your brows can do so much for you... they can add a certain definition to your look, they can draw attention to your skin tone, enhance the colour of your eyes, work with your hair colour to change your look. They can even change the look and shape of your eyes and help define your face shape!


Even if you have over-plucked, or have sparse brows, I can always make subtle differences here and there, maybe a quick tint as well, and it all adds up to enhance your beautiful result.


Click on the 'face shapes' link at the bottom of this page to find out more...

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HD brow shaping

Shaped & Tinted brows look fab!

Eyebrows waxed, plucked, trimmed with scissors, tinted and beautifully finished with makeup... bring it on!




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Brow tidy  £7.50

Brow reshape (wax, trim, tweeze) £7.50

Brow tint  £5.00

HD brows - the whole shebang! £12.50


Offer expires October 31st 2016


24 hours notice required to cancel / rearrange your appointment

There is a £7.50 cancellation charge if less than 24 hours notice given