30b blue eye pencils

There are lots of ways of doing 'smokey eyes'  Here's a few video links from some of my favourite makeup artists for you to watch, learn from, maybe have a go at:








Try some of the other tutorials on Youtube... it's the best way to take a free course in Makeup Application that I can think of.


False lashes

A must for the fashionista, but gorgeous on anyone if they're done well. Practice makes perfect. Try using your eyelash curlers on them... wow!


If you have small eyes or close-set eyes you should definitely give them a try, you'll be amazed at how they can change your look.  


I have about 20 different styles in my kit, you can always come for a lesson on how to choose and apply them for a gorgeous day time or evening look.


People look at our eyes when we are talking to them, so it makes sense to practice our eye shadow techniques, and make sure those peepers look as pretty as possible.



The internet is full of makeup tutorials, free training and advice for us, so what are we waiting for? Go to Youtube, find a tutorial that you like and start practising. Keep at it till you get it right.



Or book in for a one-to-one makeup lesson... I will make sure you learn how to put makeup on like a pro.


smokey eyes 'cat eye' by Panacea 'smokey cat eye' JulieG

Eye Makeup

Here's a quick and easy basic technique below, I use this all the time using 3 shadows: a light highlighter all over, a medium toned contour in the socket, darker contour to emphasise the shape you want to create, then an eyeliner along the lash base, and mascara. Eyeliner is optional but looks amazing on most eyes. If you're not sure, then start with a fine line and then experiment from there. You can add false lashes for maximum va-va-voom!. Have a go...

There's so much you could say about eye makeup, but the only way to improve your skill level is to practice.


Makeup artists have studied and practiced for countless hours to get so good at what they do. If you put in around an hour on the internet looking at videos, and an hour practicing different applications each week for a month you'd soon notice a difference in how you look. Plus your confidence will go through the roof when people begin to compliment you.

Lisa's bridesmaid makeup


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Retro makeup by Lorraine