When you're contouring aim to create an oval, that will give you a starting point.


Think it through. Here's a tip, if your face is round use straight lines to offset the roundness, avoid circular shapes which will emphasise roundness. If you have an angular face or square jaw, do the opposite and create some curves on your cheeks, eyes and eyebrows to soften the angles.


Give it a try, and if you get stuck drop me an email with your questions.


Or book in for a consultation, or get a few friends together and attend a Workshop, and we'll work it out together while having some fun.

a starting point

Find your face shape:


  • Oval

  • Round

  • Triangle

  • Inverted Triangle (upside down)

  • Diamond

  • Square

  • Rectangle


The Oval is the lucky lady, her face is already perfectly balanced and doesn't need any correction. But for those of us with one of the other face shapes, we can help bring our proportions into balance with a few simple techniques. To give you an example...


The Rectangular face shape (above) tends to be long and slim, so the aim is to reduce length, and add width. Sounds good, but how, you might ask?


Well, try thinking in horizontal lines to take the onlooker's eye out to the sides of the face. That means taking everything across the face to emphasise width - blusher goes in straight lines across the cheekbones, shape the eyebrows to create another line across the forehead, wear a long fringe to cover the forehead, (a central parting also reduces the length of the face) and chunky earrings at the sides of the cheeks to draw the onlooker's eye out to the edges, which adds width, too. Hairstyles with volume around the facework for you, waves direct the eyes horizontally.


And that's how you do it. Easy when you know how!

face shapes

There are 7 basic face shapes.


When you have analysed yours you can start to think about showing off your best features with makeup and hair styling.


The idea is to create the illusion of balance.

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balance is key to creating a great look


long and slim



eyebrow shape changed eyeshadow



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