Large Group Events

Aspire - ''Ladies Night Out'' June 09 033

community groups, churches, conferences, charity events, schools, outreach meetings

"Thanks for a fantastic weekend. God Bless you in your wonderful, inspiring ministry... "

Liberate 2010 Conference, London

"You are a great encouragement to women!"

G.A. Ilford

"I just wanted to say a big thank you

From me and the team for all your hard work last night - we had a fantastic night!

         I have already been receiving emails this morning saying how much people enjoyed it, especially the 'easy way' you had with talking to people.

         It was extremely encouraging to see the people respond and to see how comfortable they all were."

                                   D.G. Swindon

"I have always struggled with my physical body image... I was able finally, after years of struggle, to deal with issues which had held me back. Thank you."

E.R., County Durham

If you're looking for a speaker I am available for your local and national events, conferences, outreaches, breakfasts and Ladies Nights, combining beauty demos and workshops with an appropriate message.


Interactive Presentation

I ask for volunteers so I can illustrate how to use colour and make-up effectively. As I work I get the ladies involved and enjoying a laugh as I demonstrate beauty techniques that show how easy it is to bring out the best in us and look fab, while exploring a thought such as 'Is Beauty Skin Deep?'


Please give me a call or email to discuss costs, promotion materials, dates, etc, or if you just want to chat something through.

"A perfect outreach day! Thank you."

                           Jackie, Bagley

Makeover 1

A friend invited me along to a girls' night out where Lorraine spoke to about 40 women. Her delivery style is so light and refreshing. Most surprising for me was the result of her colour analysis with me. Not only did she clarify the correct colours and hues for my skin tone but also she had some surprising but absolutely spot-on recommendations for make-up. As a woman of colour, it can be challenging to pick out the right combinations from the cosmetics counter but Lorraine made some very useful suggestions... based on what I had learned, I went out the next day in a bright orange sweater, a colour I love but would not dare go out in for fear it is too 'loud'. I had such lovely complements from people. So it's out with the blacks and in with all those rich, gorgeous autumn colours. Thanks, Lorraine.

R.N., Harrow

A Colour, Makeup or Style event appeals to a wide range of women of all ages.

“Lorraine is an inspiration with her down-to-earth approach... She’s so easy to understand... happily shares from her vast knowledge of make-up and colours to encourage and build up every woman there.’

G.B., Blandford, Dorset (Ladies' Night)