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Leatherine Snap Case contains (from the right):

Tapered Dome

Tapered Blush

Oval Fluff

Chisel Fluff

Angle Liner

Soft Fan


Pointed Liner

Flocked Sponge

Pro Spoolie

Oval Lip

Brow / Lash Groomer

1) Concealer Brush  Small, well shaped for precision work, it can reach into little corners depositing the perfect amount of concealer.

2) Domed Blusher Brush  Great for applying blusher to those specific areas first that you want to pop out, then blending in for a natural look.

3) Angled Powder Brush – “For perfectly perky cheeks”. I love using this one to apply bronzer and blusher to create contours and  gorgeous cheekbones.

4)  Large Shadow Brush  This one has soft, firm bristles which is used for eye shadows.  I like using it to apply the “base” eyeshadow colour all over the eye, up to the brow bone. It can also be used to blend in powder for a fabulous, polished look. Try it – after applying your foundation and powder, polish in small, circular motions using this brush – fantastic for an evening out.

5) Fluffy Fan Brush  Great for removing eye shadow ‘fall-out’ on the cheeks, or glitter, and also provides  a light, natural powder finish.

6) Fluff Shadow Brush  For swift and easy eye-shadow application and blending. I use this one to apply eye shadow to the lid and crease.  It goes on perfectly and blends edges out really nicely.

7) Flat Definer Brush  This brush is used to line and define the eyes with colour, great for applying liquid or gel eye liner.

8) Hard Angle Brush – Similar to the Flat Definer brush, but with a pointed angle, perfect for applying eyeliner and softening kohl liner. I love it because you can create really defined lids with this one. I also use it for brow defining with powder shadow.

9) Pointed Shadow Brush  Designed for small-area coverage. I also like it for applying cream eye shadow, it works much better than the fluffy brushes. Ideal shape for creating definition when doing Cat Eyes, the Rounded Look, etc.

10) Large Angled Contour Brush  Perfect for applying bronzer, especially when contouring.

11) Foundation Brush  This bush is used to apply liquid foundation.  It applies it evenly and gives a streak-free, flawless finish.  It does use a lot of foundation but you don’t get messy hands.

OOPS! Where’s the lip brush? Can’t do without that… AND a foam applicator is great for applying your glitter. So CUSTOMISE YOUR OWN TOOL-KIT, girls!

I originally bought this basic set for my workshop clients to use. I added a couple of things like an angled blusher brush, foundation brush, blending brushes, and a few others that  they would need.


It's very reasonably priced, and the brushes are quite good, very soft.

12 Piece Set from Crown Brushes  around £20

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