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Makeup Lessons & Workshops

Nude lips are in fashion right now, but sometimes a gorgeous lip colour just brightens the whole face and looks fabulous for a special occasion.


It's not for everyone, and sometimes I have applied a new lip colour on someone at a public event and although the audience is saying,  'Oh yes!' the lady herself has to take a moment before she can stop laughing!


That's OK... makeup is only a bit of powder and cream, I can remove it in no time if you don't like it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and I guarantee as we explore we will find a look you love...


Your own personal style.

  • a full daytime makeup application

  • how to jazz it up for evening

  • mesmerising eyes

  • applying lashes

  • face shape analysis & contouring

  • eyebrow shaping

  • concealer

  • use of brushes & tools

  • tips, advice, Q's & A's

Fancy trying something a little different?

The first thing I want know is whether you wear warm or cool shades. This critical piece of information is likely to revolutionize your makeup bag, and get you running to your nearest makeup counter - pronto!


So we do a tonal test first to determine your colour palette, which is a valuable lesson in itself, no more wasted money buying products in the wrong shade for you, .


During your lesson or workshop you will be analysing everything - your face shape, eyebrows, dominant features, strengths and weaknesses, and so on, because you'll be learning new techniques on how to use colour and makeup techniques to create that 'wow' look and bring out the gorgeous in you!

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£40 for the first hour

£10 for each subsequent half hour

*Includes record sheets and handouts


WORKSHOP - 4 people

£30 per person

2 hours

*Includes record sheets and handouts

28c bareminerals 19c


I do one side of your face then you reproduce the effect on the other side. As I talk you through it step by step you learn how to use the products and brushes in your makeup bag plus those I provide from my professional kit.  



We work through the same process as a group, using your own makeup as you practice techniques to create your gorgeous look and record your progress. Some makeup and brushes provided.

When you first meet someone where do you focus your attention? Where do your eyes keep coming back to?


Their face probably. That's why I think it is important to take care of our skin, and make an effort to look good. We can't all be good at everything, and if I wanted to dance well I'd go to a dance class, or if I wanted to learn how to make gorgeous cakes I might take a cookery class...


So having a makeup lesson to learn how to make the most of your eyes or to learn how to apply products which claim to do wonderful things for your cheekbones seems like a good idea to me. The difference makeup can actually make to how you look can be huge, it can change a plain face into someone who looks like a Vogue model, fairly quickly, too!


Have a go at this tutorial if you want to improve your eyeliner skills, or go on youtube and look for something else to have a go at. It's all good practice.


I've got lots of years of experience with makeup, and I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with others. I'd love you to come along and do some makeup magic together!

8b makeup steps

Your makeup lesson or workshop can include any or all of the following: