Long lashes add instant glamour to your look. There are several options to choose from.


Strip lashes need some skill to apply, but look amazing and can be easily be removed at the end of the day. If you don't like the feel of strip lashes on your eyes or think they look too fake on you, cut them in half and place the smaller pieces on the outer edges of your lids. If you do it right they feel fine, you can't even tell you've got them on.


Or try lash extensions, little clumps that you can place anywhere to thicken your own lashes and fill in the gaps. A beauty therapist will gladly add individual lashes to every one of your own lashes, too, and they stay on for 6 weeks or so.



  • Keep your skin youthful and translucent by exfoliating regularly. A small amount of exfoliating scrub on a sponge in the shower will keep your skin constantly regenerating and looking fresh. Try exfoliating wipes two or three

        times a week, and moisturise well afterwards.

  • Dermabrasion is another option (unless you have Rosacea) for a smooth finish to your skin. A light-reflecting moisturiser adds a healthy glow      to your complexion.

  • Use a primer under your foundation if your skin is oily. Your makeup will look good all day.

  • Use an eyeshadow primer; it helps reduce that crepey look when using shimmery eyeshadow. Try creme shadows. Satin and matte finishes are more flattering than high shimmer, and you can add a sparkle with a dab of shimmer in the centre of your eyelids and in the corners of your eyes.

  • Try a blusher with added shimmer, though, it pops out your cheekbones and gives a youthful, healthy shine to your skin.

  • If your lipstick changes colour, apply an opposite shade to neutralise the unwanted tone. For instance, if your lipstick is turning too pink, apply an orangey shade. If it's turning too orangey, go for a pinkish shade.

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Bare Minerals & Everyday Minerals 

Both are excellent brands of foundation, one just costs less than the other. Do a little research, come for a makeup session with me, or got to a bareMinerals stockist to try it out. You'll need a good brush if you decide to buy some, and prepare to be amazed!

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Invest in yourself

Have a Colour Analysis and Style session - an instant confidence boost, plus totally practical when it comes to shopping for clothes, makeup and accessories. It will bring out the gorgeous in you!



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Here's a few TOP MAKEUP TIPS for all you gorgeous mature ladies out there. Number 1 in my case was my discovery of MINERAL MAKEUP. Not for all skin types, but is so flattering on most women.

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